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Pure Leaf Iced Tea

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Role: Content Producer (Copywriter + Art Director + Producer) 

Pure Leaf Iced Tea is a premium PepsiCo product created from real tea leaves. You might never guess that, however, by looking at what they were posting on social media. Content was dominated by large copy and graphics that did not look premium or natural. 

When I took over as Content Producer, the first thing I did was send along a list of required food blog reading to my scrappy team. Inspired by these aspirational publications, we changed the look of the Pure Leaf pages from heavy-handed to handsome by showing the product as an integral part of a healthy, natural lifestyle. As the lead on this account, I created and owned the monthly content calendars, serving as copywriter, art director, and producer. 

Engagement increased, but more importantly the quality of the conversation on the pages increased. This elevated approach has become the standard aesthetic for Pure Leaf's social presence.