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Keurig Coffee

SOCIAL CONTENT + Digital Campaign

Role: Copywriter

As the social copywriter on Keurig and Keurig Green Mountain, I was responsible for the most popular content series: coffee quotes. Though identical in theme, the tone of each account differed. Keurig was cozy and sentimental, while Green Mountain Coffee was bolder and more playful.

Battle of the Brews

To capitalize on the popularity of March Madness, we created a digital campaign that pitted coffee against coffee and tea against tea in an epic competition to find America's favorite K-Cup pod. Battle of the Brews 2016 was an online sweepstakes that challenged coffee drinkers to vote on their favorite Keurig flavors for a chance to win prizes. 

As the copywriter, I worked with web developers and designers to ensure a seamless user experience within the voting app and across social media. 

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The sweepstakes was primarily promoted by paid ads on Facebook and Twitter.

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Organic posts encouraged passionate Keurig advocates to get involved and keep voting.

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To keep the competition fresh, it was structured as a series of elimination rounds. The copy for paid ads was targeted based on factors like previous exposure and affinity for the brand.

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Social share functionality empowered brand advocates to promote the campaign on their own social channels.

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Copywriter: Amy Allen Designer: Sebastian Andreassen Web Developer: H&H Producer: Emily MacDonald Account Lead: Skye Romuld