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Birds Eye Vegetables

Website + social content

Role: Copywriter (LONG FORM COPY + SOCIAL)

The leader in their category, Birds Eye invented frozen vegetables. They challenged Havas to create a website that told their corporate story in a clear and interesting way. As the copywriter on the project, I researched the history of Birds Eye and its fascinating founder, Clarence, and wrote the long form copy that appears on the site. Click on any of the images below to see the pages in their entirety. 

Social Content

Much of the Birds Eye social content covered familiar territory: recipes, coupons, and food art. The someecards-inspired "mom confessions," however, provided an opportunity to get real and build honest connections with the brand's target audience of young mothers. To gather material for this content, I went straight to the source. We organized a lunch hour focus group with parents at Havas, and asked them what made them feel sheepish or guilty as parents. Moms and dads, it turns out, don't need much prodding to open up. The insights provided during that session powered some of the most popular Birds Eye content to date.   

Creative Director: Laura Alesci Copywriter: Amy Allen Designer: Angelo Alcasabas Account Lead: Melanie Zachariades