RUBBISH // 16MM // 8 MIN // 2006

Back in 2006, when I was a senior in college, I applied for my very first passport. And when it arrived, it came with a visa for the Czech Republic. My semester abroad was many things: exhilarating, perplexing, and even romantic. But most of all, it was rewarding. At FAMU, the famed film school, we spent the semester immersed in my favorite medium: film. We spent the next few months writing, directing, and producing our short films. The concept came to me during one of our first class discussions. Wouldn't it be funny if a grouchy old man was so upset with his neighbors about the proper way to throw out the trash? 

The 8-minute short was included in a 'Best Of' compilation at American University and later aired on PBS Channel 11 in New York. 

RUBBISH was produced at FAMU in Prague, as part of a study abroad program with Manhattanville College and American University. 

Director Amy Allen, Lisa Denny Art Director Amy Allen Editor Amy Allen, Lisa Denny, Erich Cromwell Director of Photography Ales Nemec Producer Filip Cermak Starring Augustin Sedivy as Borka and Edita Zakravska as Zelenka Music Performed By Richard Allen 

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